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Dynabar XT Harness

DynaBar XT complete harness for wavekiting

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DynaBar XT the complete harness solution for riding waves. harnas

DynaBar XT: The complete solution:

Harness with DynaBar spreaderbar, legstraps and short

Package comes with:

  • Harness.
  • Legstraps can be left out.
  • Short.
  • DynaBar spreaderbar with below mentioned parts:
    • Dynema cord for wave, race, and snowkiting
    • Pro-Wave Stainless steel slider
    • Fixed hook
    • Safety knife


your kite is firmly attached to the harness, but keeps flexible, because the point where the kite "pulls" can change.

This enables easier switching position on your board, whithout having to "loosen" up your harness.

The spreaderbar will slide, while you harness is still firmly around your waste.

NO rotation of your harness

You will already notice on the beach, and even more while riding toe-side (toeside)


DYNABAR XT harness is the evolution of our best-seller product DYNABAR tm,
both are the result of deep analysis of athletes needs during wind traction
activities: kitesurfing, landkiting, snowkiting, windsurfing and sailing. DYNABAR XT
has been designed taking under account fundamental features like safe, comfort,
strong, light, versatility and performance. DYNABAR XT harness has been carefully
tested in almost all conditions and by beginners and skilled athletes. DYNABAR XT
is an hybrid harness, comes equipped by DYNABAR sliding hook complete of
accessories, leg straps and shorts. All is packaged in a useful mesh bag.

Safety is the first concern that must be taken under account in wind
traction activities due to many factors like wind gust, equipment
failure, line tangle and more. At JAY we did our best to include safety
in our products, but remember that the main safety system is your brain.
DYNABAR XT is the first harness equipped by a handle-pass front system.

DYNABAR XT harness has a 4 layer construction assembled by triple stitching:
the external thermo-formed foam shell covered by strong "carbon-fabric look"
layer to avoid wear,2 inside layers of strong Cordura tm fabric where all
webbings and battens are stitched, the inside thermo-formed foam belt 3D
formed to give the best back support in combination with DYNABAR sliding
hook features to ensure the maximum freedom of body movement.
DYNABAR XT harness has a front double Velcro belt for the perfect fit and
edges are covered with soft neoprene: the result of this construction is an
excellent lightweight equipment.

DYNABAR XT is an hybrid harness to be used in all disciplines. In kitesurfing
get all the benefit of DYNABAR options designed for freeride, waveride,
freestyle, racing. New feature is leg straps attached to DYNABAR XT designed
to improve comfort during learning phase or freeride usage, boost performance
in racing thanks to freedom of movement and free position of hook height.





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