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Dynabar V8

DynaBar spreaderbar for wavekiting
Dynabar V8 Wavekiting
Dynabar V8 WavekitingDynabar V8 Wavekiting sliding hookDynabar V8 wavekiting Fixed hookDynabar V8 Wavekiting Hooklocker

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DynaBar V8 the flexible spreaderbar / hook for riding waves. harness harnas

DynaBar is the spreaderbar which enables movement of the position where the kite is attached to the harness.

This movement enables you to turn your body the way it is most comfortable and rotate it into the best position to attack the next wave.

Dynabar V8 package:

1 Dynabar Stainless steel spreaderbar

1 Dynema slider

1 Fixed hook



Pro-Wave SS-Slider (As shown in picture)

Freeride SS-Slider (As shown in picture)



your kite is firmly attached to the harness, but keeps flexible, because the point where the kite "pulls" can change.

This enables easier switching position on your board, whithout having to "loosen" up your harness.

The spreaderbar will slide, while you harness is still firmly around your waste.

You will already notice on the beach, and riding toe-side (toeside)





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